Your struggle for money, achievement and greater wellbeing is real – This Starlight Salutation brings Prosperity and Abundance 🌟💥💌

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For manifesting prosperity in any area of your life

Money – Love – Health – Abundance

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🔎 Magnify your intentions and attract more of what YOU want

💥 Clear physical resistance for speedy manifestation

The RozyGlow Star Salutation and Prosperity Tapping Practice consists of EFT Tapping techniques to align your conscious and sub conscious mind, & yoga-based practises to support clearing blocks in your cellular memory.

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If you haven’t already experienced the benefits of my Fearless Empowered and Free to Be Me courseyou will ALSO receive 2 months free RISE membership if you sign up today! Not to be missed for amazing transformation and your freedom from fear holding you back!

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