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Parents…..the world out there today is far crazier and faster than you could possibly imagine in your time. And guess what? The teenagers of this day are fed up with upholding a world full of greed and fear and rage. They see through it and they are sensitive to it.

Even if they haven’t verbalised the above, they feel it. They may not even understand what it is. A dissonance with the world they are growing up into.

This tool kit is aimed at sensitive teens who are having a hard time managing their emotions, physical changes and brain chemistry in a world that constantly bombards them with stimulus, obligations and temptations.

It is also aimed at those who are reaching puberty and getting ready for change….maybe a new school, or location, or perhaps there has been an addition or loss to the family/their friendship community.

This is a digital only 12 week program they can move through at their own pace and according to what is most relevant in their lives right now.

For those teens who would benefit from some mentoring support, there is also the mastermind call option, where they work with me and a small group of other teens at a scheduled time each week via skype.

when I feel this this tool helps most….etc

  • Shifting emotional states
  • Dealing with transitions in life…birth, puberty, sex, loss, separation & death
  • Radical self nurture- love your food! Let your food love you….the A to Z of a fit, vibrant and glowing physical body and how to get there yourself.
  • Loving others- how to feel confident and happy in yourself and get the love you want from others.
  • Dealing with the negativity of others and the world around us: Cleansing rituals
  • Menstrual cycle- making friends with your creative power (aka womb power), understanding it, loving it, healing it. Making painful periods, gentle periods. Getting to know the phases of the moon & how they relate to your fertility cycle and emotional states.
  • Releasing exam stress- turning it into motivated action!
  • Bedtime rituals for a sound and happy sleep
  • Time management- making the most of your natural energy cycles (age specific)/moon cycles and circadian rhythms
  • Help! What am I supposed to do with my life? Knowing what to ask yourself and how to find your answers
  • Dealing with the drug issue (and alcohol)
  • Bad vibes- if youre a sensitive soul, how to deal with them
  • Not being a dick on the internet ;-)….what you do to others has a funny way of getting back to you. Learn not to project your insecurities on others and think about the impact of your online presence.
  • Understanding and taking into account the emotions of others ( yes…..this includes your parents!)
  • Creating win win situations
  • Introduction to spiritual laws and living magically (inviting syncronicity)
  • Tools for dealing with your worst case scenarios- going to school, nightmare teachers, bullies, people being ill/dying, self harm, eating disorders, abusive relationships, suicidal thoughts etc)

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