Sex & Love Liberation

Sexalicious Liberation…..a Rozalicious Revolution for increasing intimacy, pleasure and sexual confidence

Our sexual energy is our creative energy. Yet we are not taught to value it as such….we learn when we are young how ‘not to get pregnant’ or ‘not to get STD’s’, or that its shameful to touch ‘down there’ or be found out exploring other bodies.

We are also at least 2 generations into a global western problem regarding pornographic image and video exposure that teaches us to objectify men and woman and make the experience of sexual exploration one devoid of the sacred.

Religious dogma will teach us ‘no sex before marriage’ and adultery is sinful.

Is it any wonder why we may have issues with our own sexual experience, desire and enjoyment? How we relate to ourselves and our partners intimately depends on how we perceive our own sexuality.

I learned by accident that the very same moves that would help me birth a baby, would also help me to experience deeper and more fulfilling orgasms.
They would help me to release enough to experience female ejaculation…..time and time again.

The very hormones that we produce during orgasm are the hormones produced by a woman in labour, if she is feeling safe and undisturbed.

I grew up with no real emotion about my menstrual cycle, other than if I had stomach cramps I could get out of PE or going to school.

So I suffered & some months bleeding time would be as painful as my daughter’s labour experience.
My mother taught me how to dispose of sanitary pads and tampons in a hygienic way. That was all.

It took till my late 20’s to start to delve deeper into my menstrual cycle and how it connects to the phases of the moon. I learned to embrace my moon time and look forward to its arrival each month. Physical symptoms of pain have long disappeared.

How we feel about our moon time and are sexuality are linked. One feeds the other….its part of the cycle of life!

This program promises to answer all of the questions you are too embarrassed to ask your Doctor and will provide the self enquiry and partner practices to deepen the intimacy you have with yourself and with your beloved.

Through a combination of yoga based practices, fertility/sexual cycle awareness education & tools and the exploration of tantra techniques, expect to get juiced up and understand your desires and needs in ways that truly liberate you.

This program takes shame, guilt and repression out of our sexual experiences and teaches us that desire and pleasure are opportunities for great healing and growth.

Some aspects of the program include:

  • Making your womb happy: Yoga, breath work, visualisation, sound work and partner practices for creating a happy & healthy womb space
  • The secrets to a vibrant sacral chakra…..increase intimacy, prosperity, connection and the manifestation of your dreams (instead of your fears)- practices for men and women
  • Creating safety within – exploring our connection to the earth, the moon and the sun and to ourselves.
  • The functions of orgasms…what they are, why we have them and why it is important to have them. We explore the variety of orgasms known about since ancient times through sacred texts and teachings and you learn how to experience those you wish to!
  • What every girl should learn from the elder women in her life: I see the moon…..ancient fertility secrets that will help you to conceive if you want to, and show you how not to, if you don’t!
  • What every boy should learn from the men in his life: The mysteries of the sacred masculine and feminine explained, and how to worship & celebrate the sacred in each other
  • Clearing guilt, blame, shame, anger, rage and sorrow around sexuality:
    The Emotional Mental Detox Method is part of this program as it deals specifically with the negative programming we have around all areas of our lives that may influence our sexual energy and expression.

This program can be delivered as a digital product or with Mastermind Live weekly webinar support.
Please read what others have said about the Mastermind program here (link to testimonials from current mastermind)

If you’d like to find out more about working with me through the Mastermind program so you can boost your results and easily deal with the challenges that come up, please schedule a free 30 minute Breakthrough call with me (insert link to Timetrade calendar)

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