LOVE your shadow & SHINE your LIGHT



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Here is what’s included in the program:

Over 15 videos using breathing techniques, guided visualisations, mind set shifts and simple yoga to support you to LOVE your shadow & SHINE your LIGHT.


  • How to love YOUR shadow when you see it
  • Unplugging from the matrix of fear….how to keep your vibration high in low vibe scenarios.
  • Breathing practise #1: How to shift your mood from shadow to LIGHT
  • Breathing practise #2: Mushti mudra & Kapalabhati breath
  • Breathing practise #3: Humming breath
  • Breathing practise #4: Ujia & Kalesvara mudra
  • Using a sphere of compassion to LOVE UP your shadow
  • Yoga practise for balance & harmony
  • Releasing resistance, dealing with sensitivity, overcoming conflict
  • Using a sphere of compassion for overcoming resistance audio
  • Audio relaxation for re connecting to bliss
  • How to make light from the shadow livestream
  • 10 top tips for how to be happy
  • What to do when other people bring your stuff up
  • Kali Kriya….for loving up hatred
  • Victim consciousness & dealing with challenges
  • Morning practice for reversing a spiral of doom
  • Too stressed to sleep- how to reverse bad fortune

The video content is also available in audio form.

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