Here is what’s included in the program:

15 videos using visualisation and meditation practices, breathing techniques, mind set shifts and simple yoga to support you to maximise your thriving paradigm. Includes:

  • The secret to having enough time and getting whats vital done, without losing your head
  • Top tips for minimising over indulgence
  • Simple & short yoga routines to reduce the effects of hangovers and too much food, boost your metabolism and stop you piling on the pounds (from beginners to advanced practitioners)
  • How to create family harmony with those you live with: Top tips for co operation  & conflict resolution with partners, teens & children….
  • Instant relief from tense moments
  • Reducing and preventing Anxiety & Stress
  • How to deal with ‘difficult’/ miserable family & friends
  • Coping with loss and feeling low: self care practices to help you through
  • Yoga for beating the blues…..from your bed!
  • FearLESS SOS: a cheat sheet for tense moments where you would otherwise panic….an absolute must have for your wallet/handbag
  • Creating Win Win Win solutions worksheet
  • Quick Index for which videos help with what
  • Empowering ‘Do’s’ rather than forbidding ‘Don’t’s’ to minimise over indulgence cheat sheet

The video content is also available in audio form.

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Festive FIRST AID Toolkit £7, Festive FIRST AID Toolkit £18


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