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Welcome to the 101 of what it means to embark on a conscious conception journey.

Yes many women get pregnant without even ‘trying’. And maybe you’re right at the start of your journey. Maybe you are far along the way of frustrating monthly waits, tears & disappointment.

Whats it going to take? Why isn’t it happening?

The connection between creativity, sexuality & fertility is often overlooked in the quest to make a baby. We start ‘trying’ and lose who we are, and the connection with our partner than made us want to become parents in the first place.

Yet it plays such a big role in the enjoyment of pregnancy, motherhood and womanhood….and becoming a mother is about much more than getting pregnant.

This ground breaking program will guide you though the steps you need to take so that you physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually align with what you most desire….a happy & healthy baby!

Whether you have spent years on hormone-based contraception, are seeing a fertility specialist, undertaking IVF, or just wanting to improve your chances of conceiving naturally, the Conceive with Ease program provides you with the support and guidance to maximise your chances of conceiving a happy and healthy baby.


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What world would you want to bring a baby into? Does it match your current reality?

What steps do you need to take so that the two things align well? What does it mean to become a mother and a father….beyond the social and familial conditioning you grew up around? Could your own experience in the womb, as a baby or child, be preventing you from feeling safe enough to become a parent?

These questions and so much more are covered on the Conceive with Ease program.

Women used to know and are remembering again. Womb wisdom. The value of our natural rhythms and how to find them again.

  1. Clear the sub conscious blocks you may have to falling pregnant- issues around fear, sexual guilt, abandonment, rejection and touch early life experiences you may have gone through
  2. Remind you of the joy of your partnership and what made you want to have a baby in the first place
  3. Teach you women’s secrets that align you with the rhythms of the moon…fertility and the moon are strongly linked through all of history
  4. Provide you with the nutritional building blocks for vitality and radiant health….pre requisites for a happy and healthy pregnancy
  5. Connect you to your body’s signals and messages regarding ovulation
  6. Awaken your intuition and receptivity so you invite what you want into your life
  7. Support healthy implantation by reducing stress levels and teaching you instant relaxation
  8. Deepen the experience of sexual intimacy with yourself and your partner
  9. Give you short yoga routines to practice at each stage of your cycle, reduce fear & stress, and to support healthy conception
  10. Address the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual alignment required to clear the obstacles currently preventing healthy conception.
  11. Plan a beautiful journey of conscious co creation between you, your partner and the soul that wants to come to you.



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