Get ready to Thrive – Co Creation Success Online Course

Hello there, Rosanna here founder of ‘InJoy! Yoga’ and ‘RozyGlow’.

I have a question for you… are you ready to Thrive? 

All this struggle and all this stress, it just keeps building and life feels like a mess…

Ready to leave behind ‘just surviving’? If you are I have a wonderful new course starting on the 31st of July – it’s online, it’s LIVE and it’s with me. Running for six weeks, it’s going to teach you all of the basics and all of the tools that I work with to co-create my reality! 

The basic premise of this is you recognizing, at this point in your life, that somehow your inner perceptions, your inner expectations, your beliefs, your emotional state and your psychological mindset is affecting your perception and experience of the world around you. 

What you focus on grows…. so we are focusing on you becoming a conscious co-creator, to start creating things you want – rather than dealing with the MIS creations that come through your subconscious programming. If this is something that you desire, join me for these six weeks for Co Creation Success

I’m going to be sharing with you the tools that I use to help myself move into conscious intention alignment. With that intention and inspired action we will seek to unlock your beautiful way of co-creating in the world. You will learn that when things aren’t showing up in your outer reality the way you’d like them there is something internal that needs to shift. 

That’s what I give you the tools to do! 


Take any area of your life that you want to work with and come and join me on the course. Follow this link to find out more and read some amazing testimonials. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with you, supporting you to move through your blocks so that you too can Thrive.


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