Full Moon in Gemini CoCreation Meditation & World Service at 13:00pm, Thursday 22nd November GMT

This RozyGlow Exclusive Meditation will be LIVE
1pm Thursday 22nd November 
on my Exclusive Members only Conference Call group
To join us payment of £11 can be made via PayPal 

Clarity. New horizons. Truth. Revelations. Direction.

It is a time to talk and time to listen, a time to be straight up and even air areas where we may still be holding back our full potential.


The first Gemini Full Moon of November falls at zero degrees Gemini. In numerology, zero represents all possibilities and infinite creative potential. It is the point before the beginning and represents the creative process we take before the idea comes to us.

Zero is the blank canvas before we have decided what it will be, and this is the energy that November’s Full Moon will encompass. In many ways, this Full Moon represents the potential of who we have become and what possibilities lay before us as we wrap up this year and prepare to start a new one.

There is strong illumination energy around this Full Moon too, and it’s likely some new truths are going to come to the surface. These truths may be painful at first, but it is necessary for them to be revealed to us now.

These new truths may require us to release and let go of things we once believed to be true, they may also require us to pivot and change our direction.

Full clarity is more likely at the second Gemini Full Moon in December.

While all these shifts and changes are fruitful and are getting us ready for an action-packed 2019, we may have been feeling a little tense or a little uneasy about what’s ahead. We may be feeling change in the air, but we may not be sure how this change is exactly going to manifest.

Gemini energy is about duality and is represented by the twins, or the ego and the soul. Gemini represents the light and the dark, the good and the bad. We all have these two sides of us, and they are necessary in order to make it through the world.

We cannot live in this realm without the ego and we cannot live without being connected to our soul. We have to learn to work with the two, and we have to know how to use each of these aspects in order to find our strength and create the life that we desire.

We have been working hard, but now we see, now we know, and with this, all potential and new possibilities open up to us. Have a laugh, let off some steam and shoot the breeze ~ this Moon is all for that.

This Full Moon is the perfect time to guide you to go within

It is helpful to have with you:

Cup of brimming Cacao
Your fav’ Crystal
Notebook & pen

To join us payment of £11 can be made via PayPal 

See you there!

Love and light, Rosanna


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