From human to SUPERhuman

Discover your vibrant health super powers…..the small changes that make a BIG difference…byte size building blocks for radiant and vibrant health, one small step at a time

Superman…..Wonderwoman…..epic powers belong to us all!

Are you feeling its time to take inspired action and bring out the super powers in you?

Being vibrant and healthy is our birthright. Saying this, most of us do not have the healthiest start to our lives….our systems are polluted from conception onwards, as a result of the state of health and vibrancy our parents were in when we were conceived. Pregnancy and birth is seldom un medicated 100% and what a mother puts on and in her body affects the state of health of her baby.

Even the food a breastfeeding mother eats, can affect her baby’s health, and non organic, cows milk formulas do nothing to promote gut health in our little ones.

What it means to be truly vibrant remains a mystery, even into adulthood and our own baby making days.

And we all know what conflicting advice there is out there about which diet fad is optimal, whether being vegan is healthy for everyone, whether dairy is bad for you, and what you should eat if you train a lot, are pregnant, wanting to conceive or have a health issue that needs monitoring or you are taking medication.

And what on earth do we feed our babies once our milk is not enough?

Relax…..because I have teamed up with some superhumans I know who want to share with you what they know, about truly feeling amazing, vibrant and healthy, each and every day.

Better still, as my friends, they know how buzzy I am in my daily life and how little time I have to spend on preparing and cooking food, and long drawn out health regimes.

So we got together, stripped it all back and have created the definitive A-Z program on cultivating vibrant superbeing health, whatever life you are living.

In this program you will discover:

  • Your own superhuman archetype- what would it mean for YOU to experience vibrant health? We explore what aches/pains/illnesses you are prone to and which parts of your body you could do with loving more. And dadah! Use our interactive supergenie to help you create your superhuman design
  • Foods that harm, foods that heal- things to cut out and minimise immediately and how to work out which superfoods out there are the best ones for you
  • Eating optimally for your genepool – this is not about your blood type. But where your genes originate from. One man’s medicine is another woman’s poison, so how do you discover for yourself which foods and drinks are optimal for you?
  • This whole alkaline diet thing…..what does it mean and how does it apply to me?
  • Making the shift from over the counter prescriptions for common ailments….what have you got in your kitchen and bathroom instead?
  • Move your body- what makes your body want to move? Exercise sounds like hard work. Movement is fun. Find the movement for your body type and watch yourself transform.
  • Clearing guilt, blame, shame, anger, rage and sorrow around your health and wellbeing:
    The Emotional Mental Detox Method is part of this program as it deals specifically with the negative programming we have around all areas of our lives that may influence our physical health and wellbeing experience and choices.

This program can be delivered as a digital product or with Mastermind Live weekly webinar support.
Please read what others have said about the Mastermind program here (link to testimonials from current mastermind)

If you’d like to find out more about working with me through the Mastermind program so you can boost your results and easily deal with the challenges that come up, please schedule a free 30 minute Breakthrough call with me (insert link to Timetrade calendar)

Want to make this state of supreme health and wellbeing your new ‘normal’? Come on then… in a call!

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