FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME program

FearLESS, Empowered & FREE to be ME….

A multi dimensional pathway to full self expression, authentic power and confidence….so you shine from the inside ☺

Reprogram your past, embrace your present, LOVE your future

A 12 module program of Physical Release & Re Alignment, Emotional & Mental Detox, Cellular memory and Ancestral Influence Reprogramming

The FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 be ME program is available as a self study digital content option or also as part of a 3, 6 or 12 month live weekly video coaching program.

A multimedia approach of video, audio and written content means that we are appealing to every way your conscious and sub conscious mind learns new tricks.

Each module is clearly laid out to support you both with the symptoms and causes of your emotional, psychological and physical dis-ease.

We start with the FearLESS Living FunDAMENTALS which are the foundation of the whole course. Then we begin with the Detox and Reprogramming aspects.

The video content will offer you both insight into and symptom relief from any detox symptoms you may experience. And the audio meditations detoxify and reprogram your subconscious beliefs around each key ‘problem’ area of life. The process is simple and graceful and accesses the cause of whatever disharmony is occurring in your life.

A workbook accompanies the audio modules and will support you to get the most out of your re programming. These modules are designed by Suzanna Kennedy and anchor deep and lasting change into the subconscious mind.

With the cause of each key issue addressed, we speed up the detox and move on to grounding the new programming into your physical body with the video modules. These modules are  accompanied by worksheets that will guide you to explore & embrace all that YOU truly are. The program teaches you in 6 simple steps how to:

  • uncover where emotions and limiting beliefs have been stored in your body and provide you with simple body based tools for releasing them, with grace and with ease.
  • Create your unique self care tool kit for dealing with uncomfortable emotions and life’s challenges as they come up & your new programming takes root
  • Re direct your attention to self- empowerment and learn the skills required to co create the life YOU want to live….the authentic you, free of the limiting conditioning and beliefs that have come from others.
  • Shift from the fear/struggle paradigm to the love/thrive paradigm with grace and with ease. This process makes it smooth and enjoyable! And guess what? You no longer fear your pain.
  • End your resistance to change for good.  You see, resistance to change brings suffering. Learning to surf the waves of change brings confidence to step up and fully show up for yourself.
  • Discover where you have been expecting others to love what you find unlovable in  you. I call this embracing your shadow.
  • Embracing change and your own suffering as you acknowledge your pain brings comfort through trying times.

In essence, the FearLESS, Empowered & FREE to be ME program gives you your own magic wand and teaches you how to use it!

  • Module 1: FearLESS Living Fundementals
    The principles of moving out of fear based living (survival thinking) to living in love and trust.
    Clearing stuck energy and limiting beliefs physically. Discover where you ‘hold’ energy and how to free up stuck energy.
  • Module 2: Harnessing the energy that is available to you, amplifying it and directing it towards your goals. The magic of For-give-ness. Releasing the past… physical tools for forgiving ourselves and others.
  • Module 3:  Clear intentions – laser beam focus.
    Setting your vibration & accessing your ‘pulling power’. Moving from judgement to becoming the observer and co creator.
    Observing and releasing deep holding patterns
  • Module 4: Male Aspect Detox – Anger & distrust of men and male energy.
    • Father, men, Mind & Matter
    • Abandonment, betrayal, victimisation
    • Anger, rage, hatred, resentment
    • manipulation, control, enslavement
  • Module 5: Female Aspect Detox – Anger & distrust of women and feminine energy. 
    • Mother, women, heart and soul
    • Matriachal systems, Mother Earth, nature
    • Humiliation, co-dependence, suppression
  • Module 6 :Fear Detox – Anxiety, worry, terror, panic, fear, doubt
  • Module 7: Pain Detox – Sadness, grief, loss, pain, sorrow, despair, depression, bitterness
  • Module 8: Guilt Detox – Judgement, blame, shame, punishment, self pity, jealousy, guilt, unworthiness, arrogance
  • Module 9: Lack Detox – Limitation, scarcity, separation, poverty, annihilation, fear of success and failure
  • Module 10:  EMPOWERMENT! The vital and new ME: Making the small changes that make a BIG difference:
    Simple vitality secrets for a happy, healthy and vibrant body.
  • Module 11:  FearLESS SOS: Loving the unlovable
    Creating your FearLESS toolkit #1: The FearLESS SOS worksheet-  which are the tools you most need when things ‘go wrong’, or life challenges you and you panic. This is instant pain relief!
  • Module 12: FREEDOM: Aligning with the greatest version of yourself. As we change our view of the world, the world around and within, changes. Creating your own FearLESS  Living Toolkit #2: Programming your autopilot: setting intention, aligning with it and dissolving whatever stands in the way of its accomplishment.

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