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Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony, Sound Bath and Yoga Workshop @ St. Augustines Church

16th December 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

So we are here, at the threshold of another Winter Solstice

Sunday December 16th 12:00 to 16:00

Please Note: This Event relates to the workshop held at St. Augustines Church, Croydon. If you are looking for the corresponding Brighton Event, click here

As we celebrate the shortest day of the year, we get the chance to gather and ‘reset’….slowing right down to zero point….where all the magic happens!

Join me as we delve into the theme: Courageous Heart Illuminate the Dark….recognising that courage implies fear….AND the willingness to move through it.


December 2018 is all focused on Relationships, Twin Flames, the connection between the Beloved and the need to Be Loved!

Our external relationships are a mirror of our internal relationships….the dialogue between the expressed and repressed aspects of our inner being (the parts of us we don’t ordinairily easily share with others)


We spent the Autumn Equinox ‘evolving’ our Inner Family so we are able to live from our sacred, rather than wounded, aspects of the Feminine, Masculine and Inner Child.


Now with the Winter Solstice, we get to truly compost and recycle that which is ready to change form in our lives…where do YOU feel unfulfilled and what would it FEEL like to be FULFILLED and OVERFLOWING?


The darkest day gives birth to a new dawn, a new year, and a chance to ReFILL our CUP with that which we WANT to OVERFLOW with 🙂

Through the sacred medicine of mama cacao and a strong, unified intention to love ourselves through all that we are challenged by RIGHT NOW, we will be exploring intention, dedication, discipleship and yoga practices that can support us to Reset, Re-Align and Re-Calibrate with what we WANT to MATERIALISE in our PHYSICAL Reality.

What have you been ‘composting’ since the Autumn Equinox?
In order for something new to be born, something old must die.
The space must be made for change… as nature abhors a vacuum!
Through re-setting your vibration the space gets filled with something NEW to match your NEW vibration 🙂

The ceremony will begin with an invocation and check in with everyone as we toast mama cacao and witness our intentions.


Then you can expect:
*Gentle ‘on the back’ movements to bring you back into alignment with the womb of creation and your own original sacred blueprint
*Bija mantras to clear and active the 7 major chakras and also the earth star and soul star
* Yoga kriyas for each of the energy centres to move old energy out and bring new frequencies in
*A partner Yoga focused sequence to activate the balance between GIVING and RECEIVING, and setting the foundations for Relational Fulfillment
* Guided Co Creation Meditation to drop you into your still point (zero point) and activate your Inner Masculine and Feminine Sacred Dance
* Closing circle

Bring a notebook and pen, a favourite crystal to energise, wear your yoga clothes and avoid eating anything heavy in the morning and lunchtime before the ceremony

avoid dairy and meat if poss…this will deepen your connection with the cacao medicine.


Also drink plenty of water ahead of the ceremony and for at least 24 hrs after….not a good idea to plan a big night out after the ceremony!


PLEASE be aware that we do sometimes go over time so don’t book anything up you have to rush off for.

If you are on any long-term medication for blood pressure, heart issues, depression or anxiety PLEASE check your medication as some medication doesn’t mix well with cacao…


Exchange: £50 per person

A ceremonial dose of vegan-friendly cacao will be offered (42- 47 grams)


16th December 2018
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm




St Augustine’s Church
St Augustine's Avenue
South Croydon, Surrey CR2 6BA United Kingdom
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