Calling those ready to WELCOME Change & Recalibration

You can absolutely manifest your Personal Paradise!

Ever since I was young I always dreamt of living in a beautiful place by the sea & helping and inspiring people all around the world & today I am so blessed that that is the life I live.
Though the reason of this blog is not to brag about myself, but to tell you that YOU too can create the life of your dreams.
Would you love to join a MultiDimensional group of conscious CoCreators to help you manifest your Personal Paradise?

It’s time for a new MultiDimensional Coaching Diamond to form. Six fortunate souls will get the opportunity to CoCreate their deepest desires with me.

Are you:

  • Truly ready to transform & recalibrate your life to enjoy your Personal Paradise?
  • Welcoming change but are scared & have no idea where to start?
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone & eliminate excuses?

That ‘heavy’ stuff you carry around with you & shapes your view of life.
So what’s messing with your JOY?


Are you a Warrior? This is an Expectation Warning for you:
We challenge the traditional ‘goal setting’ & trying hard approach to make things happen!

The MultiDimensional Coaching Diamond goes beyond any coaching, mentoring or mastermind program available today.

The Divine takes us to CoCreate your personal paradise in full 5d reality.
Equipping you to ownership of what you can really control.

In our CoCreative group I guide you to dissolve & mis-create the elements of your reality that are not working in your highest good.

Get ready for Big, Graceful and Easy Change & Make the best decision for your life today

2 steps to apply to be one of my next 6 success stories…
Step 1: Fill in Breakthrough Application
Step 2: Book your Breakthrough call 

When booking a Breakthrough call, please remember that you are making a commitment to working with RozyGlow & the call is a Breakthrough in itself!
Please note the cost of the call is £100. This is deducted from the total cost of your purchase when you sign up to work with me.

Do you have 4 hours a week to commit to yourself & a financial commitment to real change?
(this will certainly include making more money to pay for this coaching!)

I would love you to join my Transformational Coaching Programme

Membership in the MultiDimensional Coaching Diamond is a 13-week commitment. Online meetings are once per fortnight (8 in total) at a time to be agreed upon by group members.

Membership benefits – each fortnight you will:

  • Upgrade the ‘top priority’ of your life
  • Celebrate the graceful & easy manifestations of your creations!
  • Marvel at the synergised power and creative energy of the group
  • Learn and grow from the upgrades of your fellow group members
  • Receive guidance & coaching on how to integrate your shifts, breakthroughs & upgrades
  • Enjoy the bond of Star Seeds (that’s you!) – of like mind & heart

If you’re ready to CoCreate your Personal Paradise & express your soul purpose, apply now – Breakthrough Application

Claim your soul spot in the RozyGlow MultiDimensionalCoaching Diamond

I currently have limited availability for my exclusive one-to-one coaching services. Make contact today to discuss working with me exclusively & get all of the above & more

Blessings & Love in abundance,
Rosanna x

p.s. In the time it took to write this invitation, two spots have already
been filled & breakthrough calls booked in!

Don’t miss out, this opportunity won’t be around again until 2019!

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