Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

 Pregnant, Happy & Healthy : Enjoying your pregnancy & growing happy, healthy babies

Youre pregnant? Congratulations!

Preparing for a baby to come into your world is one thing, what do you do once you find out you are pregnant?

Suddenly bombarded with 100 different opinions, options and choices around just about anything and everything, its easy to feel overwhelmed.

And what about the emotional rollercoaster you now find yourself riding? Looking around at all the other pregnant women you see, they seem to be taking it all in their stride.

I remember throwing up from the moment I woke up in the morning till, the late evening, every day. This didn’t stop till the day I finished work (yes stress really can make morning sickness much worse, as can fear and anxiety).

And I didn’t feel sexy and vibrant and healthy……I felt fat, ugly and tired. And I was only 21!!!

The journey I embarked on as I grew my daughter, is what brought me to where I am today. I learned so much with my head, with my brain, but I was still terrified of giving birth and of becoming responsible for another life, for life.

I learned how vital it is to heal the emotional and psychological wounds we have around pregnancy, birth and nurturing new babies. Otherwise we are destined to repeat the past- its in our cellular memory after all!

The majority of my professional experience is centred around fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal support. And I am delighted to share what I have learned over the past 15 years, following the journeys of women I have seen become mothers.

This program is designed to support you from the first moments after you find out you are pregnant, right up until your labour starts.

You have the option to combine this program with the Empowered & FearLESS Birth program which will also prepare you for a conscious and empowered birth experience, however it goes.

After you have had your baby, you and your baby will benefit from the Postnatal & Baby Bliss program.

Included in the program:

  • The maternal periscope- what lens are we seeing the world through? Making the most of the miracles in your life……shifting the focus from fear to love from the inside out and the outside in. Fear, anxiety and stress relief practices
  • Eliminating toxicity from the inside out: Holistic pregnancy secrets for a vibrant pregnancy and healthy baby (what we put on and in our bodies).
  • Moods and emotions…..navigating the ocean of emotion through rough and calm waters & how to feel your emotions & process them, without worrying about harming your baby- self enquiry tools that develp the bond with your growing baby
  • My needs are my baby’s needs- each day, each trimester we have different needs. Learn ways to nurture and nourish yourself so you can do the same for your baby.

Yoga for each trimester and daily check in practice.

Whos got my back? Feeling safe in a world of chaos. Eliminating negativity from your life, by going on a negativity diet. Dealing with pregnancy health care teams that create fear more than confidence. In pregnancy we become much more sensitive to the moods, thoughts and emotions of others. How can you make this work for you and develop skills for life.

Keeping couples sizzling…..supporting each other through the changes. Practices for having fun, building intimacy, getting your needs heard and building the bond with baby. And dare I mention S-E-X? Yes I do! Top tips for happy coupling between the sheets

This program can be delivered as a digital product or with Mastermind Live weekly webinar support.

Please read what others have said about the Mastermind program here (link to testimonials from current mastermind)

If you’d like to find out more about working with me through the Mastermind program so you can boost your results and easily deal with the challenges that come up, please click this link to schedule a free 30 minute Breakthrough call with me.

Want to make this state of supreme health and wellbeing your new ‘normal’? Come on then… in a call!

Empowered & FearLESS Birth: Embracing labour and preparing for a conscious and gentle birth

(until you are holding your little one in your arms)

Giving birth. Somehow, we have made it this far in our evolution, by the act of birthing birth through the birth canal (vagina). For the past 2 generations we have had other options too and we are only now seeing the repercussions of making a normal birth, a medical event.

The choices we have don’t come without complications and rarely are we given the kind of information from our health providers that is truly informed. This is partly because of the length of time current research takes to influence a change in current maternal policy & practices. There is always a timelag, but is that something you can afford to factor in to your choices?

Take a moment and consider the first image that comes to your mind when you think of a woman in labour. Is it gentle or traumatic?

I grew up as so many of us have, seeing images of women struggling to get their babies out- as though the message was ‘my struggle is my love for you’.

Not once did I see a woman in her power, moving and sounding as she wished, as she brought her baby earth side.

How do you feel about giving birth? Whatever you feel, its ok to feel it.

I have spent the past 15 years working with thousands of pregnant women through my Birthlight prenatal yoga classes, birth preparation workshops, teacher trainings, and as a doula. I have also worked with many of their partners.

And I was once a terrified 21 year old preparing to birth my own baby girl, and I learned first hand how going into labour frightened can affect the position a baby chooses to take and the length of time it takes to birth them. Not to mention the complications that come up!

Birth will always remain a mystery, however much we learn about it. Birth is an intimate and raw process experienced physically by 2 beings as one gives life to the other, and witnessed by loved ones and these days, complete strangers too.

There is plenty that we can influence, in order to support an optimal birth outcome, and it is my passion to pass on what I have learned through the years.

If we can enter into labour relaxed and with a baby’s head in the optimal position for her mother’s pelvis we are already half way there.

And if we have tools to navigate each stage of labour so that it can be more easeful and enjoyable, we know we are giving our baby the best chance for a conscious and gentle birth. And even if we do encounter complications, there are positive interventions we can try well before we need the standard approach, especially when we encourage the baby to work with us!

Even the most medicalised and planned labour can be conscious and gentle….it all depends on preparing the mother, baby and everyone else that will be present.

Emergencies require the same surrender that a more straight forward labour takes, but with at least one person conscious of the connection with baby, the negative impact of acting with speed and haste can be healed and forgotten.

So its important to plan and to gain as much access as possible to credible information around alternatives to standard practise, from someone you know you can trust. And that’s where I come in!

I have created a program for you so that you go into labour feeling relaxed and confident in your ability to birth your baby, gently and consciously, wherever and with whoever you choose to birth with. If you choose to go with my Mastermind program I will also be able to support you one to one, in the issues that arise and the choices you make.

Topics included in the program:

  • What makes you feel safe? Creating the optimal labouring environment for you, at home and wherever you choose to birth
  • Dissolving tension and pain at every stage of labour- specific techniques for each stage, tailored to suit your body
  • Overcoming fear of birth through body based practices- breath, sound and movement practices that dissolve fear and tension in the moment.
  • An overview of the physiological process of labour, birth hormones and the role of the birthing partner
  • Preparing for birth with your partner: the emotions and how they affect the hormones of labour….how can you help it to go well? Calming and centering techniques for reducing stress levels and promoting Oxytocin production (the love hormone)
  • Knowing your pelvis: how your pelvis shape can affect your labour and positive interventions that can help baby through.
  • Comfortable labour and birth positions: discovering what will work for your body and your baby’s presentation
  • Breathing techniques for pain relief, effective contractions and a plentiful supply of oxygen to your baby
  • Massage & relaxation techniques to relieve fear, pain and tension
  • Recognising when you are in labour and when its time to go to hospital/call the Midwife
  • Movement during labour to conserve energy and facilitate the birth
  • The use of rebozo during labour to ease discomfort and help baby down and out
  • Dealing with ‘getting stuck’ during labour- practical solutions for difficult presentations.
  • Welcoming your baby and gentle birthing…breathing your baby down rather than forceful pushing & straining.
  • Coping with things not going to plan-acceptance and trust
  • Magical bonding time- making the most of the first hour after birth
  • Babymoon & postnatal healing- how to make the most of the first full lunar cycle after birth and simple age old practices that will support you to heal and close your body from the inside out.
  • Repair work for babies and parents who experienced their birth with any trauma
  • The secrets of successful and happy breastfeeding
  • Clearing the echos of the past- the way we were parented and how we choose to parent.

This digital program is brought to you through video content primarily with the option to include weekly one to one support through my Mastermind weekly webinars. Having one to one support is recognised as the single most effective intervention in reducing maternal stress levels during pregnancy and having better birth outcomes (when this continues during labour; see )

If you’d like to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss how the Mastermind support can benefit you please follow the link and schedule your appointment! (insert link to Timetrade calendar)

Postnatal & Baby Bliss: The secrets of yummy, nourished mummies and nurtured happy babies

You’ve had your baby……now what??? If we believe the glossy magazines you will be back in your pre pregnancy jeans in 6-8 weeks and you are ready to go to your sister’s wedding 2 days after you gave birth. And yes babies are messy but oh its just so much fun being a mum.

You and I both know that unrealistic expectations lead to depression, anxiety, stress and all the coping mechanisms you usually turn to in order to feel better.

Magazines are airbrushed and celebrities have a public profile. You are not seeing real life, real mothering, real anything. So why is it so important what others feel, think, do and say?

I’m hoping you choose this program before you have your baby, and get a chance to go through it at least once. Prevention is better than cure, but if you need a cure you will find it here!

This program is all about mothering from your heart… discovering your instincts and developing the trust in yourself that is required to be a confident mother.

Yes it’s a huge responsibility. And its understandable why we would give our power away to outside authorities….’experts’ who must know better than us, how to care for our baby.

Don’t sleep with your baby, only feed them every 3 hours, don’t hold them too much, feed them formula its better for them. You’re not producing enough milk, you haven’t lost any weight yet……the opinions and advise is endless.

But who really knows what is best for your little one? You do.

And I’m here to help you to trust that. Because it is true and the sooner you take this on board as truth, the faster you will come to enjoy the day to day mundane magic that is called motherhood.

This program is designed to uncover the yummy mummy in you….your vibrancy and joy for life expressed through the sacred role of motherhood.

It is also designed to give you the understanding required to meet your baby’s needs through meeting your own. I live by a Birthlight moto: mother the mother so she can mother her baby.

And here is a whole load of mothering and nurturing for you both. Wrapped up in 12 weeks of mummybabybliss J

On this program you will learn:

  • Why babies and mothers feed on each others emotions and how to break the cycle
  • Postnatal closing and strengthening 101- from the first post birth practice to resuming pre pregnancy fitness regimes…..follow the steps to close your body from the inside out using yoga practices that are useful for life.
  • Supporting your baby’s natural developmental stages through baby massage and yoga.
  • My baby is my gym membership! How to meet their needs for fun and energy discharge by getting stronger and fitter each time
  • Sweet dreams- the ultimate soothing techniques and practices for babies and parents of all temperaments
  • Coping with teething, common colds, constipation and other baby ailments….how to soothe your baby and self care in tandem.
  • On the go nutrition to keep you in tip top condition
  • The secret to dropping pregnancy weight gain and looking toned and feeling strong
  • Instant energy giving practices for those super tired days
  • Rediscovering your sexuality post birth
  • Filling the space your baby grew in with renewed creativity and passion for life
  • Top tips for preparing to go back to work whilst continuing to meet the needs of your baby

The new normal….integrating your pregnancy, birth and pre pregnancy life.

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