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Welcome To RozyGlow

Awaken your super conscience through my MultiDimensional coaching, body based practices, Emotional Mental Detox and membership programmes.

RozyGlow is a unique vibrational frequency, the soft pink flame of Divine Grace which allows us to let go easily of what no longer serves us.

My work uniquely moves people out of their pain body, into their bliss body! Prepare to work differently to the ‘traditional’ hard work coaching schedule.

We can all achieve and receive whatever we desire by claiming our power as conscious CoCreators of our reality. With my intuitive support and your commitment to yourself you will move through blocks and limitations, with immediate results.

If you’re looking to conceive (a baby or new project!) and embody a more heart centered and holistic approach to business Join RozyGlow and be guided by love rather than fear. Every step of your journey is covered with me, Rosanna, alongside you.

Your ‘Divine Spark’ is now ready to be awakened to your highest and most successful self. Book a RozyGlow exclusive consultation today.…Only by desiring something fully, do we discover what is blocking us from receiving it…

Ooodles of lovelight sparkles from me….

Rosanna Kalliabetsos,

Spiritual Midwife, Authentic Self Activator & Fairy Godmother ☺

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